Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September Fetish!!!

Today I am dying of all the teacup cuteness around me. Join me at your own risk. 

How adorable are these miniature teacups!! 
I have a half a mind of starting to collect these cuties and get them framed like this. 
How pretty will this delicate frame look in a dining area!!

The next two pictures are going to take your breath away! 

These are sweetest gift wraps I have seen in a long long time. 
Aren't they perfect for a tea party? Pretty  little favor boxes with lots of tea bags inside these.

And ofcourse it has to be accompanied by a centerpiece done exactly like this. 
Dainty teacups & teabags all hanging from several branches & charming!!

Read my earlier fetish posts here while I go and plan a tea party with the girls.

Images :  here, here & here


Patricia Torres said...

Oh gosh Prachi... you've got me on this now as well.. I so want some pretty tea cups.. :-)

Rekha said...

I liked the idea of framing teacups, perfect art for kitchen /dining.

PA said...

I am already drooling over these teacups! Very pretty!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Drooling over the last image!

Sudha said...

seems like i have a soft spot for tea cups!!..loved them

Sound Horn Please said...

I was looking for ideas for things to hang from my curtain rod. And teacups didn't even make it close to my thought process. but after your post- I'm inspired! Do drop by and check out my blog.. Its based on design too..