Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello Monday!!

Hello everybody! How was your weekend? I had a lovely long lunch with friends...really long...we are talking five hours, watched Barney & Dora :) and worked :( Terrible I know! But the lunch and the time I spent with DH & Sara made up for the working day on Sunday! 

This is going to be awesome & lots of fun..wink wink..will tell you later!!

Wishing you guys a great week ahead and linking this post to September Carnival on The Key Bunch. They are celebrating their blog's second anniversary this month...join me in wishing them. They also have a special treat for their readers. Check it out here...Tote from Clean Planet

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Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

lovely images!!

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Gorgeous arrangement, Prachi!

Thanks so much for joining in!

Patricia Torres said...

oh so lovely!! You sure had a good time.. Those pics are gorgeous!!

Rekha said...

Hey prachi, good to see you join in the party...lovely flowers. Thanks a bunch!

Purnima@a creative project said...


Purnima@a creative project said...