Sunday, September 12, 2010

Everything is going to be okay, Mom!

Let's just put it this way, the last week never happened (If you noticed I haven't been around since Tuesday). All of a sudden mom started complaining of fever & backache and soon we discovered that it was Dengue (Its really sad that the city has more than 15000 cases as I write and many have lost their loved ones). How can my mom ever fall sick was my first reaction? Isn't she always supposed to be hale & hearty, smiling, and to be always-always bothered for advice...right from what dress do you think I should wear for the party tonight to Am I doing a good job of bringing up my daughter? 

We spent the whole week worrying over her platelet counts, taking her to the hospital and just watching her so ill and suffer without complaining even once. My respect & love for her multiplied several times. The good news is that the bad times are over and she is on her way to recovery now and I have plans to feed her wholesome healthy food to get those round cheeks back! Yes, cooking for my loved ones is the only way I know how to show my love for them:)

Everything is going to be okay, Mom:)

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GB said...

Hope she gets better soon! I've had dengue once and it was the worst experiece....I wish they would do something about the mosquito problem!Sending some good vibes your way..

Patricia Torres said...

Oh Prachi!! Dont worry... mom will be ok soon..

I've been in a similar boat.. Spent the whole day with mom at hospital yesterday.. On our way back from Mumbai.. She caught some cold & flu.. on Tuesday.. which as of yesterday according to the doctors has turned to an early stage of pneumonia. I cant see her sick.. The girls and I have been trying very hard to keep her in bed.. feeling cozy and getting well..

So while I pray for your mom.. you pray for mine to get well soon.. :-) Plus its her bday end of the month... so... we really want her to feel fit before..

Rekha said...

Wishing you mom a speedy recovery, Prachi...yp, do feed her well :)

Rajee Sood said...

It will ... :) ... I can feel what you go through ... after loosing my dad ... I am even more paranoid about my mothers health.
All the best Prachi ... :)

anonymous said...

Sis, mom's going to be fine very soon!! I am sure she can't wait to grab a bite of the stuff you cook for her and also feel proud! Thought of the day, Mommies never complain, they only love!

Designwali said...

I hope your mom feels better soon!

Sudha said...

it kills to see loved ones in pain...parents are someone we expect to be super (mom/dad).

wishing your mom a speedy recovery

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Here's wishing your mom a speedy recovery!

purplehomes said...

GB: O..poor you! Really! the whole place is infested with them and with the CWG coming up I am so scared how many of those tourists coming in are at this huge risk of falling ill. Thanks for wishes.

Pats: So sorry to hear about your mum's condition. I Hope she gets well really really soon and has lots of fun at her bday party which her lovely daughter and granddaughters have planned for her. She is in my prayers, Pats.

Rekha: Thanks for your wishes. Yes! Yes! I am so waiting for her to get all round and pink here I come :)

Rajee: Oh Rajee, really sorry to hear about your dad. I had no idea. I can imagine how worried you must be for your mum.Thanks a ton for your wishes, she is much better now and that makes me one happy daughter:)

Purva: You are so right! Why don't they ever complain. Well...they are never just mums...they are SUPER mums...

DW: She is out of danger now. All because of all you lovely people praying and wishing good health for her.

Sudha: So right! We always expect them to be fit...don't we? Thanks for your wishes

Anu: Thank you so much. She is much better now.

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Hey Prachi!

I feel awful having just read this post! I was lost in my own little day to day problems, and haven't blog hopped all this week!

But, I am really really glad that the worst is over.


purplehomes said...

Hey Sharon: Oo...she is much better will take about a month before she can get back to work but we are happy that she is out of danger. Thanks for your wishes and I I hope all your problems are solved and we get to read many new posts from you :)