Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Outdoors calling!

The weather has been just great here. And outdoors are calling my name all the time. Here are some pretty ones I am loving!

Sunny chairs & lemonade...all for some citrus fun!

Ah! For a backyard like this...I can do ANYTHING! 
Yummy barbeque's, distressed high chairs and some wine!

Aren't these chairs the BEST that you have seen?
 Long night chat sessions with the girl friends here would be perfect!

What a gorgeous outdoor space! Its like indoors transported right on to the terrace! 
Tea parties here I come!

Images: All from here


Neha Ramabhadran said...

LOve the first pic, and the second too! Would be wonderful to spend a lazy weekend brunch in a place like this! :)

GB said...

Gorgeous!! Now that summer is winding down here, I feel like clinging to the lasty vestiges of it...I'm spending tons of time in my own little slice of heaven!!

A. Naik said...

last one is pretty in pink!

Patricia Torres said...

*sigh* lovely.. lovely.. I like the low chairs in the 3rd pic.. and the pretty pink arrangement... I'm planning on creating an outdoor myself...