Monday, July 12, 2010

July Fetish!

I told you I would be back with typewriters in July! Here I am! Catch them all this month.

What a pretty corner! It has such an old world charm to it. The hardcover books, a solitary key, a clock or is it a pocket watch?, some pictures all hanging from that twine. Those lovely blue bottles, all that light twinkling through & a green plant to complete it. So very vintage & so romantic! I like the clutter in this image.

Check out the contrast here. Such a clean palette & space to work in. Can't make up my mind...Do I heart the typewriter more or that gorgeous table fan...mmm...I think its Mr. Beard & his accomplice that seem to have stolen my heart away!

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Images: here & here


Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

beautiful! a type writer is such a lovely piece of decor...i mst dig out the old one from my dad's office:)

Patricia Torres said...

beautiful... beautiful... beautiful post..

purplehomes said...

Sharon : Oh you lucky girl! do that & make us jealous!

Pats : :)