Saturday, June 12, 2010

Go Green : Day seven

Day seven. Final day of the Go Green Series. I had so much fun doing this. So many ideas for recycling & restoring. Today on the last day I'd like to share some pretty images that I came across while putting this series together for you! 

The cutest carry bag ever!

Oh how I heart those butterflies made out of the numerous mailers we get each day. And that lovely trash can! What have I just used the words lovely & trash can in one sentence..well! Plants do that to me!

Let's all pledge to Go Green with clever ideas like this bulb terrarium. Isn't that earthy flower vase a dream?

And finally this picture. That really really moved me. Isn't necessity the mother of all inventions? This man here was forced to recycle bottles into slippers because of his circumstances but all of us may have a thing or two to learn from him.

Images : Go Green, Slippers, Recycle, Bulb, Butterfly, Bin, Vase & Bag  


Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

That last pic got me. It is very thought provoking. I think I need to paste it onto my trash can so that I think before I trash!

Great job, Prachi! I enjoyed this series.

purplehomes said...

Sharon: Really we guys take so many things we have for granted, don't we? Thanks, makes me so happy you enjoyed the series!