Thursday, June 3, 2010

And in some other news!

purplehomes found a mention in the April'10 issue of Transcribe. Thank you Tina & Transcribe for the lovely mention. 

She says, " Lifestyle magazines and home décor books are passé. If you are looking to refurbish your home, get onto décor blogs for tips to combine and rearrange yourfurniture and accessories to get the perfect contemporary décor picture.

Decorating your home and office has just gotten easier. Keep aside the fancy catalogues, do away with interior designers, and log in to the blogosphere.Design blogs have emerged as trusted and popular sources of information.From sharing opinions, fresh decoratingideas, beautiful interior spaces, art anddesign, products and services, to inspiring readers to live more creative lives, designblogs have it all. We present some blogs that not only offer handy tips, but also make an interesting read.

While bouncing on the design blogosphere, make sure you stop at http:// is an interesting pot pourri featuring a curated selection of design finds from sofas to stationery, candles to coasters, and metal to movies. The purple blogger, Prachi Grover, also offers product reviews, store and home tours,and do-it-yourself projects."

Congratulations to the other decor blogs that were mentioned as well. Way to go lovely ladies!

To see other issues of Transcribe (published by Transteel), click here. They bring out transcribe every month where they talk about design, decor, architecture, art and much much more!

Image : From the Mag


TheKeyBunch said...

Yup! Way to go...that seems like the battlecry of today or something:)...Congrats Prachi!


Patricia Torres said...

Congrats Prachi.... and to all you guys.. well done!

Bhavna said...

Hey, thanks Prachi for letting me know! And congratulations to you too :)

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purplehomes said...

Thank you all!