Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's day workshop

Did I tell you I had a lovely opportunity to conduct a Mother's day workshop last saturday. We sure had fun- the children and me! The kiddies made a Mother's day card, lanterns and coasters for their mommies. You lucky mommies...I will have to wait till Sara grows up...but I did manage to make her kiss me!!!
It was a two hour workshop held at the MaxiMum store.

Mother's day Card using handmade paper and ribbons

Lantern & a set of coasters using handmade paper, threads, paints and sequins

I just had to share this pic with you. This girl poured her heart out and I am sure would have made her mommy cry with happiness!! The ribbon bow was actually pasted by her because she made a mistake while writing!! Ah! daughters...can't live without them!!

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Parul : Waitin for S to grow up and make some cutie cards!