Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let's Colour Project : India

After exactly 48 hours from now, the blue city of Jodhpur will be splashed with loads of colors.  Doesn't it look so beautiful already? 

Palette for India

Can you imagine how gorgeous it will look after the Let's Colour Project team paints it in this palette. It will complement the blue so well. Watch out this space for more! And don't forget to wish them luck!

You've already seen pictures of the Lapa Stairs here and the following were the palettes used for London and Paris. 

Palette for London

Palette for Paris

So which palette are you liking at the moment? I know I am going to be using these amazing palettes as an inspiration for so many projects. Which one is calling out your name? Leave me a comment!

Images : here


Rachel Follett said...

Cool! Love that shade of blue.

purplehomes said...

Rachel : So nice to see you here...