Friday, April 9, 2010

Color Crush : Peach

I am feeling peachy! I think its the heat that is making me want soothing colors and peach is definitely doing it for me.

Just look at that table...ornate yes but fits in so well with those subdued colors. 
These dainty pins sure have me ooh-aahing and flowers for my sideboard please!

A cupboard full of peachy clothes! And a cheery breakfast corner! Both just perfect for summers.

Who would say no to such an inviting bed? Love-Love-Love that cushion!


Aneela Z said...

ive never met a peach I didnt like and now Ive seen my new dream can keep the paris one.

Design IQ said...

This is such a refreshing post :) Love the light colours and the freshness of space

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Hi prachi,slowly getting back into blogosphere after the wedding schedules.I just went thru your posts,will take time to read and the way the posts have come out really beautiful.ur studio pottery workshop,that would have been something really nice..
will read and comment dear.lakshmi

Persis said...

these pictures are GORGEOUS....just passing by your blog and its always nice to meet a fellow Indian blogger. Come drop by my blog too when you have sometime.

Happy weekend.


purplehomes said...

Aneela : Ha ha...alright I will. But I will still want a lil of those peachy rooms at my home..i am hoping you will be able to lend me some

Design IQ : Oh! I needed this color so very badly in this heat

Lakshmi: Welcome back! I saw the wedding pics...awesome! Yes, the workshop was a lot of fun

Persis: Thanks for dropping by...sure will do!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Oh..what a gorgeous room.. I am in love..great post.

purplehomes said...

Anu: Perfect for the delhi heat..huh :)