Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flower Heaven

I happened to read about this really talented woman here and So I decided to check out her website. One click and I almost died because of the overdose of pretty things! Some one help me! I can't make myself stop looking at these beauties!

Though I am not a huge fan of the artificial flower. But looking at this, I want them all. And I want them now!  So before you make up your mind to read this post an further. Hold your heart! Take a deep breath and get ready to see dainty little somethings! Sigh!

The Dandy Collection

The Dahlias Collection. I love how they have shot each picture.

Roses and some more roses and some more

God! This one sure has me drooling! Just look at the wedding bouquet and those flowers in her hair

And here's something for the less adventurous. Flower Clutches anyone? 
Don't miss them on those gift boxes

So are you ready to meet the lady behind it all. Here, she is! This picture says it all :) Read more about her journey here. And get inspired. I need to get back to her product shots NOW!

Images : Here


Patricia Torres said...

oh gosh... so beautiful!!

TheKeyBunch said...

Wow. Ditto here. I hate artificial flowers, but theses OMG! they look gorgeous. I was reading the latest GH mag, and there's a story about a woman in India who makes artificial flowers. So when I read the intro of your post, I thought it was her you were featuring...must look her up, and pass on the info to you!:)


purplehomes said...

Pats: And obv we ladies need dresses to match:)

Sharon: Wow! please please do..would love to read about her work