Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dastkar 2010

Dastkar 2010 started yesterday and of course I had to be there asap. With DH travelling, Sara and I decided to go and have some fun! Sharing some glimpses of the wonderful Dastkar Mela! Its the perfect time for an open air thingie at Delhi, so all of you who stay in and around Delhi and love to see creative stuff, do take out some time to go there! Its on at the IGNCA Lawns, Janpath (Right opposite the National Archives, at the Rajpath - Janpath intersection) from the 12th to 21st of February.

And for those of you who can't make it to the fair, here are some glimpses!

The venue has lots of colorful elephants & cute little monkeys

Check out this wall art!

My absolute fav and seemed like the crowd's fav too!
Sondha, the Garden Shop run by Vinita Nath.

Though not a big fan of dry/ artificial foliage, I thought this looked pretty

I lost my heart to these wooden lanterns and bells

Aren't these kantha mosaics perfect for any child's room? Check out the detailing.

One of my all time favs, jugaad!

Cane lamps!

Whimsical cushion covers & art on fabric by sumearth

Will these fishes fly!

Gorgeous! Isn't it?

Check out these colorful wallets & key ringsAlign Center

Beads, Beads and some more beads!

Images : Personal Album


Patricia Torres said...

Lucky you!! thats a lovely fair.. Bet.. Sara & you had a wonderful time!

The Print Lover said...

So pretty! I wish we could make online purchases.

Aneela Z said...

next time you should be out there with your pottery!!!

Rajee Sood said...

Oh! am I missing all the fun ... how long are they on Prachi ... I do plan tohit the town by 27th ... :)
Love those neck pieces in the last picture.

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Ooh this is lovely work. I loved the garden shop, the mosaic art for kids and the wooden lamps.

Did Sara have fun? My little one is a great companion at these art fairs...makes up for the lack of interest from DH :)

rashmi singh said...

good job!

purplehomes said...

Patricia : Oh yes did! I am thinking of going there again..wink ;)

The Print Lover : I know that would have been wonderful...but you know many organizations are gearing up to provide stuff online soon

Aneela : Aha! I wish!

Rajee : O will miss ends on the 21st ;( Can't you make it before that

Sharon : Ha true...but we do need DH for babysitting na...or in this case keeping them occupied ;)

Rashmi : Welcome to visit me again..soon

RepublicOfChic said...

I love the wooden lanterns! Such crazy cushions.. The kites stole my heart, I'm such a sucker for kites!

I wish I were there. I miss Delhi.

PreeOccupied said...

How I miss India.

The winters and these fairs. My home there was full of these things.

Bless you for posting Dastkar pictures.

purplehomes said...

Republic of Chic: Is it? I have someone in my family who loves collecting kites as well...what a collection...

PreeOccupied : I hope you get to come back to India soon, ofcourse it has to be in winters..right ;)

i-me-myself said...

Dastkar used to come to bangalore - this time - must go, must buy, must blow (some money) :)

Aarti verma said...

wow those wooden lanterns!!!
everythin luks soo colourful n vibrant..
wish i ws in delhi..