Monday, January 25, 2010

Revisiting student life

Guess what I came across on NY times? These absolutely brilliant ideas executed by students at their apartments. Its amazing how you start thinking of creative options to do up your rooms / dorms when you are a student for the simple reason that you don't have money.

I remember creating lamps out of inverted cane baskets, painting cartons and using them as a dressing unit and a table and making photoframes out of cardboard for my hostel room ( The photoframes i still have ;))

Enjoy these pictures and get inspired to do it " On the Cheap".

A chandelier made by draping plastic bags over 11 watt bulbs
( A wiremesh around each bulb protects the plastic from burning)

Candlestands made out of recycled bulbs

A bed made out of honeycomb corrugated board

Images : NYtimes


Aneela Z said...

i draw a line at the chandelier...memories of where condoms go to die...but the candle stand I love...esp with load shedding on the horizon, one should put the bulbs to use!!

Patricia Torres said...

The candle stand is amazing.. wow!! I must try that... The bed is creative as well.. I've seen pallettes used as base of beds.. and it does look amazing!!

My brother had a center table made of beer cans glued together... and the top was the laminated cardboard of the beer case ... Truly impressive.. Wish I had clicked some pictures then!!

Deepa Raman said...

i forgot the chandelier and i was looking at that beautiful white bed with a meruin match...hope my bedroom looks like this

purplehomes said...

Aneela : Ha ha ha..even i can't imagine tons of plastic bags hanging on my head...but the picture looks so pretty..doesn't it

Patricia : Ya, Why throw away those fused bulbs! Wow! Beer can table..please do ask him to share the snap with creative!

Deepa : he he! Yup, White bedrooms look so pretty...only if i could maintain them in this country ;)