Thursday, January 7, 2010

Potty about Pots Series

What can be better than welcoming the new year with something that is both handmade and dear to me. Sharing a platter that I threw on the wheel. I loved the way the glaze came out on it. The deep green giving way to a deep blue which becomes a sky blue as you go down the platter and finally turning into a soft ochre. This platter is not leaving my home for sure ;)

Image : Personal collection


Patricia Torres said...

OMG.. so pretty... the colours look great!

Anusha said...

Happy New Year my dear! The plate looks gorgeous!! I do hope that you start to make sure that some of your work leaves home and makes its way into stores!! We still have to meet :-)

Aneela Z said...

where do your pots usually go off to roost? just so their thereabouts can be more hereabout?

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

Hi purple homes.Have read some posts of yours earlier.but it is today i m reading it completely with care.Amazing collections u have.Pots and pots,love the series.where did u study pottery.I am in delhi.i think u are also form delhi..

purplehomes said...

Pats : Thanks...glad you liked it

Anusha: Hey a very happy new year to you too. Thanks dear, oh yes we have to...will call ;)

Aneela: Good to see you here, well some cling to me and say mom can we stay here please...others i retail from home

Lakshmi : Thanks a ton for your lovely comments. I studied pottery at anandgram. Yup i am at Delhi too.