Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Home, My Space

A dear friend has been waiting very patiently for this post. Thanks P. She recently moved cities and had given away all of her stuff. And then she moved AGAIN! This move is also a stopgap arrangement before they move to their final destination. So there are going to be no furniture shop rounds or any other Expensive and/or big item home shopping.

But who says a home can only come together with all that. All you need is a lot of creativity and your personal stamp on everything inside your home sweet home. This one is for you P. I hope you and of course all my readers enjoy going through it and get tons of ideas to do up your place. (Warning: Long post ;))

Furniture? Furniture What?

When I write furniture I mean the wood-difficult to move- expensive kinds.

Huge Floor Cushions, Mattresses, Cane Murhas (Stools), chowkis… all are great when you are doing up a house on a budget and even otherwise. I love the idea of a floor seating arrangement and have had it when I was living all alone and even now in one of my rooms. Nothing like sitting on the floor! Stock up on loads of colorful bedcovers and cushions and you are done!

Love the neutrals here...and don't miss out the low table

Photo frames on a window sill...aha!

Stack those cushions

Of course I need several tables!

Now tables are one thing that you DO need around the house. Be it to keep your laptop (right P ;)) or to stack up your makeup or for that lovely vase! I completely love the idea of using whats already there in the house to “make” tables. An old carton, an upside down bucket, a stack of books…whatever you like and whatever you can get!

Boxes like these are easily available

Love-love-love the ladder

A bucket and a tray...and you have a table

Show off those books

An old trunk...waiting to get out

A rug beneath my feet

Throw in a big rug/ chatai and the empty room starts looking full and gives a feeling of being lived in. Better still; get several small ones for a different look. Easy to maintain and easy to change when you are bored.

Ok, only for a second but can we please focus on the ballerinas?

These chatais are available everywhere
Oh those drapes!

Old dupattas, Never worn saris (I am the proud owner of several of those ;)), Jute burlap all make interesting curtains. Use more than one color and you are ready to rock. Also it’s so very easy to change the theme of the room according to the season with these unlike the regular curtains that are there to stay.

A simple wants it

How about hanging several of your pretty dupattas against a sheer? Yummy!!

Jute burlap with a personal stamp, like it?

How I hate those Blank walls!

Walls that don’t have signs of our travels, our family, crafty little somethings are not my walls!

There is absolutely no need to invest in expensive art if you can’t afford it or don’t understand it. A picture gallery on the wall, collections that you have built over years: of absolutely anything plates, stamps, mirrors even Frisbees. Yes you heard it right…someone actually did a Frisbee wall and it looked so whimsical!

What good are those pictures sitting in albums...huh?

Empty frames, anyone?

Love this eclectic collection of platters, colorful and so much fun!

How about a map on the wall, better about marking the places you've been to!

Can’t do without my lamps

Who needs a chandelier!! Paper lanterns, lots of bulbs put together, empty beakers with tea lights all do the trick. You just have to look around!

Have always had a special corner for these babies ;)

Why can't i ever throw empty jars? Cos they are not only good vases but also good lamps ;)

Adore these bulbs, someone take care of my electricity bills

Had to post this pic...LOVE it

And then there are those other things

You have no idea what a little bit of green does to a home…so get in a plant, put those lovelies in a vase and you don’t even need proper vases. Take out that wine bottle, your favorite mug or even a copper kadhai! Bring out those beads and necklaces that you have and add some Bling to your house. Open those cupboards and accessorize your home with whatever you feel will give it an edge!

Get in those lovely stems with the flowers as well

A green plant inside the home is a must for me, even inside my washrooms ;)

Hey Glitter, come right in or out in this case, right?

Remember that slinky we played with, isn't this a cute idea for a kids' room?

Pretty little boxes all in a row...

I know it’s been a long post, but I really hope you had fun going through it, I sure had fun putting it together for all of you! Do write to me if you want me to cover any specific areas related to home/ d├ęcor/ DIY/ Parties et al and of course I would love to hear your views on this one!

Images : Too many of them to write about, namely countryliving, apartment therapy, real simple, tumblr, flickr, etc etc


anonymous said...

I just so loooved this one! I want all of it in my home. Who says all things good come with a price tag? You just taught us that they don't. And by the way I didn't realise it was fact wanted to keep reading.

Pooja said...

I just loved it... thanks a lot. You are such a sweetheart

Parul said...

Awesome post, PG. I want one of those vintage maps. Any clue where I could get them?

purplehomes said...

Anonymous : Glad you liked it so much...

Pooja : Most welcome...don't forget to share pics when u finally do up your home

Parul : Thank u hai ji! I am not sure where you could get one, but have an idea to make one..interested?

Anubha said...

Hey this is so cool and I stumbled upon it (thanks to BlogAdda) at the right time! My dad is planning to get the house painted again, I'm planning to change the furniture a bit too. Got a lot of ideas from your blog; I love the floor seating arrangement! I went through some of the related posts too, great stuff!

Nice post. Really helpful!! Thanks!!

And Congrats! ;)

Patricia Torres said...

OH wow... how did I miss this post!! Such an amazing post... well done!!

I love all the table ideas... and have used some as well... Do love the floor seating as well...

Iniyaal said...

Lovely ideas... very inspiring. I loved the idea of using jute burlaps and dupattas for curtains. Planning to try out the idea soon.

Iniyaal said...

Lovely ideas... very inspiring. I loved the idea of using jute burlaps and dupattas for curtains. Planning to try out the idea soon.

purplehomes said...

Anubha : Welcome to purplehomes.Glad you liked the post.Have fun decorating your apartment and don't forget to share pics once u r done;)

Patricia : Thanks ;) Wow! please please post some pics of your tables..

Iniyaal : Have fun doing up your home with easy to change the color scheme with those ..thats what i love about them. And yes, keep coming back to purplehomes for more ;)

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

loved so many of the ideas,fun and exciting going through each one of the images..
congrats for making it to blogaddas favourite..

purplehomes said...

Lakshmi : Glad to hear that you enjoyed going through it, thanks

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Prachi this is an awesome post! I loved the jute burlap in fact I am working on a burlap post:)

Thanks for alerting me to this, and also congrats on the recog. by Blog Adda:)


purplehomes said...

Sharon : Wow, waiting for your jute post. Thanks ;)

devaraju d said...

Awesome. I just loved dupatta curtain n jar lamp idea...I want all of it in my home..thanks

Vandana said...

What a lovely post,so full of interesting ideas!and I loved your thought on furniture pieces.....