Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stunning Centerpieces

I simply love it when flowers are arranged in all sorts of stuff thats lying around the house. The "flower vase" is just so boring. And the kitchen is such a lovely treasure chest when it comes to finding "Vases" to display them. Be it an Ice bucket or a Beer mug or a Silver Icecream bowl, they add so much to character to the centerpiece, don't they?

I came across these on realsimple and loved them. With Christmas and New Year's round the corner, and lovely winters that are begging us to host get-togethers, it sure would be fun to try some of these.

Who says Jelly molds are only for meant for jellies, take out those cake tins, cookie tins, I say!

A Galvanized tub dressed up with leaves, its making me salivate! The worn out look is my fav!

If this isn't cute, what is? Juicy oranges wearing dainty crowns of daisies!
Perfect for any fun party.

Cabbages!! Yes these ARE cabbages!!
These rich colors would make any winter afternoon gorgeous!

Which one do you like the most? Have you ever tried such centerpieces? Email me at I would love to post them here.


Deepa Raman said...

purple is my favourite colour....truly rich

Deepa Raman said...

lovely pics

purplehomes said...

Deepa : Thanks for dropping by...hope to see you again ;)