Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chalkboard hangover

I am really really loving this bedroom. Though usually I am not the types who would like something so sparse. I am a lot more color and yes definitely want much more in my bedroom. But this bedroom of Laura Aviva (I spotted this on DS) sure has that something special that has caught my attention.

I love the way the white and slightly crushed sheets kiss the floor. The huge glass vase and the lovely green adding color to the otherwise white room. But my favorite has to be the chalkboard ( yes, I am still flirting with chalkboards). Who would have thought that a chalkboard would look like a million bucks inside a bedroom!

Image : DS


Patricia Torres said...

Whats DS?? I saw this somewhere as well... huummm dont remember..

and love the chalk board on top... I'm going to try that as well..

purplehomes said...

Patricia : Design*sponge. Do post a pic of it whenever u do...i have a bookshelf on top of the headboard, so this chalkboard has to wait ;(

Deepa Raman said...

lovely and romantic..:) if iam allowed to say so..its indeed romantic

purplehomes said...

Deepa : Completely agree...who says romance can only be got inside the room with red and candles...white does it so beautifully too

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

i love chalk boards,we call them slates.even i have seen it a design element,in ikea catalogue,in flickr...and so on
i think of using it as a design element