Friday, November 27, 2009

Fold them up!

Napkin this is taking creativity to another level. Just imagine this teenie weenie shirt and tie on your dinner I came across this book and had to put it up here for all of you. You know how I simply love it when everyday objects are transformed into art and this was presentation at its very best. Brian Sawyer who has edited the book had some pictures on his site which I was more than happy to devour. For those of you who want to purchase it (It has 25 such exciting projects, all begging to be tried), it can be done right here. Till then enjoy these lovelies...

Perfect for a little boy's birthday...isnt it? Or a Bachelor's party?

Lil Bunny...want any carrots?

Oh ! I so love the swan sitting in the blue platter

Valentines' day, here I come

My FAV-FAV-Favorite...can it get any cuter than this?
Any lil girl would love this, I know mine will ;)

Which ones do you like? They sure do add an edge to any tablescape, don't they? Have you tried any napkin origami? If yes, then please do share.

Images : Brian Sawyer


Parul said...

Beautiful and incredibly creative. I know I can never do anything this lovely!

Living It At Home said... creative. I love the one with the green mossy balls.

Thanks for all the great ideas...will keep in mind.


purplehomes said...

Parul : ;) i am sure you can...super mom can do anything

Jamilyn : Thanks for dropping by, glad you liked the post. Hoping to see more of you here ;)