Thursday, October 29, 2009

I need these, this winter

I came across Papaver Vert a few days back and ever since I find myself going back to Patty Benson's site. She started her venture in 2007 combining her love for wool and home decor. You will not believe it but she crochets every single piece. Wow!! Each piece handcrafted and you know me, I am a sucker for anything that is handcrafted. So it was only to be that I became a BIG fan of her work and her. What I especially love about her work are the bright colors and how an age old thing like crochet can be made to look so contemporary.

Just look at these plant cozies...I am sure all my plants would love to wear one too.

She also does these lovely bowls and coasters as well
Just seeing them makes me feel so I wish to own her entire range this winter ;)

Images : From Paperver Vert


Patricia Torres said...

*sigh*... so do I!! so do I!!

purplehomes said...

Patricia : Well she doesn't supply to India..we will just have to crochet these ourselves ;)