Monday, September 7, 2009

Guest Post by Oshean : Five of my favorite things to do on a vacation

I open my mailbox and i get this lovely surprise! I see this awesome post from Oshean who i don't know and who doesn't know me as well. But came across my blog and felt like sharing these wonderful pictures in response to the Five of my favorite things to do on a vacation. I guess thats how blogging helps you meet new people and make new friends.Thank you so much Oshean for a heartfelt post. We'd love to hear from you again. Here's what Oshean's has to say...

"I have recently returned from a holiday so I thought of sharing some of my holiday pictures here. I am not a planner and at times it is only after I’ve sat in my car is when I decide the destination. So, for me each holiday is an adventure. The five favourite things I like on a vacation are all to do with the journey because it is the journey that becomes important in my case and not the destination."

It’s the road to unknown that drives me

The fact that I can be so close to nature and the nature so close to me is what gets me excited

Awesome food makes me greedy

Sitting by a waterbed gets me thinking and smiling

Running after butterflies make me sing


oshean said...

Thanks for publishing my post. I like your latest post on arty sandwiches too.

purplehomes said...

Oshean : You are most welcome and thanks to you for contributing. I am sure the readers will love going through your post. Glad you liked the sandwich post. Do keep visiting purplehomes.