Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There was one flower and then there was another...

This sunday i got one flower. So i put it in my red vase.

Then i got some more. Out came another vase.

And then there were many many more. The ice buckets said take us out. So did the white rocks and mauli (red traditional thread).

Another vase wore a necklace of shiny red beads and white shells and mauli.

Three teeny weeny tealights begged me to take them out too. We want flowers too, they pleaded.

Others followed.So a shell was tied around them with the mauli. Tiny red pebbles and water also planted themselves in and soon they were ready for floating petals.

And soon my home was filled with beautiful red carnations and white tuberoses. Lots of rocks, red pebbles, shells, beads, mauli giving them company.


Patricia Torres said...

oh how nice.. loved all the pics.. the flowers & the candles.. I just love candles.. and flowers make me happy!! :-)

purplehomes said...

Hey Patricia : Glad you liked them

TheKeyBunch said...

...and whose b'day was it?:)

Lovely pics, I loved your vases!

What's your email id?


purplehomes said...

nope..no bday...just one of those days when i just end up buyin loads of flowers...more than what my home can accommodate!!

glad you liked the ice bucket-tea light vases...i love the idea of using anything but vases for flowers

Anonymous said...

i loved the arrangements. Flowers look beautiful is no news, but something so simple can be enhanced to look oh-so-awesome is something that your posts teach me...waiting for more

purplehomes said...

Anonymous : Happy to know that you like my posts. Keep visiting, won't disappoint you ;)