Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bringing up Vasu : Review

Even before I could manage to get hold of my very own copy of “Bringing up Vasu: That First year” I knew it I was going to adore it. I finally got it yesterday. The fact that I managed to read it in one go despite having a five month old angel who keeps me busy 24*7 and the fact that I have been suffering from an acute case of Readers’ Block ever since she was born just proves the point that the book is good and I loved it .

Being a first time mom myself, I could connect to the main character Mira. Her sleepless nights, her attempts towards being a Supermom, not knowing how and when she would be getting back to the big bad world of the corporate jungle and in between all this jumble discovering the wonderful and warm world of motherhood.

The comical but sensible husband Anand, Plump Ghughni and yummy mummy Rhea were some other characters that made me laugh. Mira’s efforts at losing weight, her D2D parlour not remembering her existence and her determination to find a nanny were really amusing yet so very close to reality.

And. now to the hard part of finding flaws. It becomes even more difficult when the book has been written by a dear friend whose writing style you worship but here you go. Three things: Mira’s mom, the character of PNx and the Pumpkin seed Sandwich episode. I found these characters and the incident a little too “TV Comedy Show” type. They start off as funny people but their being “so over the top” made me lose interest somewhere.

So there, I hope I have done a half decent job of writing an objective review considering I love anything and everything that Parul writes. It’s a fantastic book so go and grab the book. Wish her luck for her second book. And yes, Parul I think now I know what you were talking about ;)

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