Monday, January 21, 2008

Believing in your dreams

Seems like this month is going to be full of catching up with lots of creative people...some known to me and some new friends. Last week I met a friend from school after some good, ten and a half years!!

Of course I need not say how thrilled I was just to see her. And like how it is with school friends, you just don’t mind the years and pick up from you left, well the same happened with us. There was so much to share ;)

So today I’d like all of you to know more about this really talented friend, Anusha. She studied fashion designing at NIFT ( While there, she won the Director’s Special Award for her graduating collection and a special mention for “The most commercially viable collection”). After working for about 2 years she launched her own label “ANUSHA” and started retailing in leading boutiques in the country. While still working she met her husband Janne and later moved with him to Germany. Today she has her lovely store at Frankfurt and clients at New York, Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, London and Hong Kong!! And has huge expansion plans this year. Anusha designs while Janne takes care of the distribution aspect. What a lovely couple ;)
Pictures of her store that she mailed me long time back
I simply loved her work (I met her at her Delhi production unit and saw glimpses of her AW’08 collection). She blends European cuts with traditional Indian motifs and patterns. You can see her work at

And like all of us, she too was scared when taking this really big risk of starting her store but she believed in her dreams and with lots and lots of hardwork…rewards followed ;) I wish her many many more stores this year and cheers to all of us who are trying to follow their dreams ;))


How do we know said...

All the best to your friend!

Styleaddict said...

Lovely story. I like your blog. Do keep sharing.

Puneet Kaur said...

Hi Purple,

Lovely blog!! This was an amazing post about Anusha's work... Its amazing to see how far everyone's traveled as regards their respective achievements :)

Hope you're doing well n in absolute purple!!

Another friend frm school... umm...

Puneet :)