Thursday, December 6, 2007

10 things I would have done by 40

Well, this post has nothing to do with bringing design inside our homes but should I say it’s about designing the next 10 plus years of my life. I was tagged by my good friend, Parul to list 10 things I hope to have accomplished by the time I am forty. God !! Just typing out the word “forty” is making me feel ancient ;) Considering I still have more than a decade to go I better achieve some of goes

10 things I would have done by 40

1) Reaped the benefits of gifting myself the pink slip and see my venture going steady and of course successful.
2) Started a community where rural women would work, make money and be independent
3) Written a book or something that will closely resemble a book (looking at the lack of talent that I have when it comes to writing)
4) Had Junior P and/or Junior S
5) Just about managed to maintain my weight
6) Seen, smelt, felt, tasted…Europe in and out
7) Become a little less of a control freak
8) Got our own home with a massive library, 4 bedrooms, a TV room, drawing dining, gardens at the back and front, etc get the idea..and obviously its on a beach
9) Presented my husband a Rolex
10) Made my parents proud ;))

List of thing that i miss right now
1) Being with my sister in the same house (we need to talk 24*7 ;))
2) My grandparents

Actually other than this I am not missing anything in life right now. I am happy and wondering why didn’t I take the decision to start out on my own earlier. I am doing all that I ever wanted to do..seeing my venture take shape, design,blog,write, is peaceful and satisfying..Touchwood!!!

I am tagging my friend M, who started blogging and didn’t continue it..i am hoping this tag will force him to start writing again;)


How do we know said...

this tag seems to be doing the rounds!

purplehomes said...

how do we know : Hey, thanks for passin by..