Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In High Spirits

I was watching “In High Spirits” the other day on “ndtvgoodtimes” and that made me login and find out some interesting stuff on wineglasses. The shape, size and color of the wine glasses or stemware as it’s called can really make a difference to how the wine looks in it. I have a weakness for wine glasses. They not only look good with the wine in them but also look striking as table top decors. A row of wine glasses each with a single white flower floating in colored water or some colored beads in the glass can really make your dining table come alive.

Here are some out of the ordinary creations that I came across on the net.

From the left clockwise :

Oil & Vinegar Wine Glasses,Zippered Glasses, Louise Tripod & Wine Flowervase

Oil & Vinegar Wine Glasses

These upside down wine glasses are oil and vinegar dispensers. I saw them on “wheredidubuythat”. The oil and the vinegar look beautiful through the glass. They also come with a funnel for filling and a bottle brush for cleaning. I would love to have this set in my kitchen.

Zippered Glasses

This one has a hand painted zipper and an actual zipper-pull attached midway.The glass is also frosted from outside so that it looks like as if someone has really unzipped the glass. I came across this at After5.

Louise Tripod

This Wine Glass is designed by a designer by the name of Marten Baptist. It’s a handmade glass vase and has a lovely tripod base. An interesting variation of the regular base.

Wine flower vase

This has been designed by designer Yoko Kumagai. An interesting vase, that will look really beautiful as a centre piece on your dining table

Wine glass tapas plates

I simple adore this product. Amazingly gorgeous and functional. The glasses have these little plates that sit comfortably on the wine glasses. Ah.what pleasure while u sip your wine slowly you also get to nibble some cheese and olives. I want this badly;

Waterfall by Sutter House

p.s. For those of you who want to try something different than the usual grape wine, Waterfall by Sutter House is a good option. These Himachal wines are known for their extensive range of fruit flavours such as kiwi, apricot, peach, pear, apple, plum, pineapple, orange, strawberry & rhododendron (A flower that only grows in the hills).I have always picked them from HPMC (Himachal Pradesh) , but I am sure they must be available everywhere.


Amitabh, New Delhi said...

I picked up a couple of bottles of Waterfall wine when I visited Shimla this month.

I am a hobbyist wine brewer myself and I agree that the aroma and character of the wine was superb. The price started from 110 INR per bottle will make bid farewell to hard liquor.


purplehomes said...

Amitabh : Hey, you are so very right...infact these days i find myself saying no to imported wines..i mean when i can get a Sula, Grover (which is good ;))for half the price why should i pay an obscene duty. Hobbyist wine brewer..sounds very interesting..i would love to know more about your hobby.