Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This month

This month like all the other months of the year I have a lot on my plate :)  
  • A birthday to plan & host. What fun!
  • Amongst all the other wonderful work (deadlines I share a love-hate relationship with you, don't I) another workshop to put together for rural artisans & designers. I am smiling.
  • A short break to look forward to. Yippie!
  • BIG news about purplehomes to share with all of you. Yes! Its not just a revamping exercise.Wink.
  • Painful playschool visits to handle ( yes unlike week one when lil S was happy she is not liking the idea of going to school without her mom. She says a week without you was enough and you need to come in now. At least she likes going there, I keep telling myself)

Now only if I could keep track of all of my to-do lists & deadlines on a wall like this. No risk of forgetting anything :) And a pretty wall to flaunt.

I came across this here and would love to have this on the wall behind my desk. Just like this please. Whats absolutely wonderful is that the chalkboard wall is actually vinyl stickers so take them off when you are bored. Also no chalkdust terror. You use a chalk ink pen. 

Can it get better than this?

Image : here


Deepa Raman said...

i simpley liked your post on pot series...thanks for sharing..:)

Sound Horn Please said...

Oooh! Love the idea too... And Prachi- ALL THE BEST for the new project! Now I am really curious on what it is though :) Don't keep us waiting for long!

Windows Cary NC said...

Its a good post..thank you for the post..