Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eight years in 102 cartons.

Hello everyone. Where did you vanish you ask? And why?

Well...for that you need to read the long story I am about to tell.

So exactly three months back DH called me from one of those obscure places he keeps visiting for his projects and asked me if we would be okay with relocating.
“Relocating as in packing up our bags and moving to a new city?” I asked.
 “Ahem...a new city, yes but in a new country is more like what I had in mind”, he said.

And just like that we decided it was time to take a giant leap of courage and faith to say bye to our home and our life here and start a new life somewhere else...in an unfamiliar country.

It is a big move for us considering we have stayed in the same house since the day we got married. There are lovely memories associated with every little thing and every little corner. We have shared so many of our special moments with our families and friends here. There are so many “firsts” we have celebrated here. I am definitely going to miss all that.

Not being able to walk across the road to say hi to mum and dad, I am going to miss it all.

We also became proud parents here.

And after three months of continuous sorting, disposing, donating and packing we finally said goodbye to our home yesterday.

Eight years packed in 102 cartons.

I could do with resting for a lifetime now, really :) And that is what had kept me away from the blog all this while.

But now with all hardwork of packing behind me I am really really looking forward to this whole new adventure. A new home (a clean slate to decorate...yay!), new people to meet and make lifelong friendships with and new places to explore.

Making a new city our home.

I am curious about how our lives are about to change and what in our lives will remain the same. I am excited about learning and adapting to a new culture. And I am happy that as a family we will get more time to be with each other since DH’s last job entailed continuous travel.

There, so that’s my story. Wish us luck. Your wishes mean the world to me, you know that right? :)

And be ready to join me in this new journey. I am looking forward to talking a lot more here at purplehomes about wrapping up our life here,  our new life and experiences there, doing up the new house to make it our new home, new work opportunities, my design and culinary inspirations in a new city and more.

Much love,

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Anonymous said...

You are going to love it! Here is wishing you and your family all the very best! (Coincidentally, I blogged about Dubai earlier today. I grew up in that region and still miss it.)

My Dream Canvas said...

Prachi, all the very best for your move. A big hug Anu

Sharon said...

Wow! All the very best, Prachi! It must have been a lot of work, but you have so much to look forward to!

Sudha said...

all the best dear...new place, new experiences and new things await u.. :)

Unknown said...

OUATT : Thanks. Fingers crossed:) I liked whatever little I saw off it in Jan. Ofcourse you did! Visit me sometime :)

Anu: Thanks!

Sharon: Yes! I am soooooooo tired :)

Sudha:Thanks..yes..so looking forward to it:)

Naomi said...

Wow! I know just what you're going through! We're going through the exact same thing (US --> India) with an eerily similar timeline. Good luck to you!


Daikin India said...

So this way we will get to see some new decor inspiration on your blog now. :) All the best. We love going through your posts :)

Unknown said...

Hey! Have really appreciated your post on arranging photos from last year. We're working on our dining room and will need that post for sure! I featured that post on my blog today. Thanks.


Neha said...

Thanks for your wishes on my blog Prachi!
Are you moving to Dubai??? How exciting!! I live here!! We must meet up! :) drop me a line and we shall co-ordinate.. also if you need any sort of help...
except, I'm in India, starting next week, for 2 weeks..
welcome to Dubai. :)

Unknown said...

Naomi : Yes we are:) Keep in touch and let me know how its going:)

Daikin India : Oh yes! super excited to share everything on the blog

Sarah: Glad you found something to inspire you here:) Thanks for your sweet comment

Neha: Thanks! so looking forward to seeing you and the lil one.