Thursday, July 1, 2010

And now we are a happy family!

No,there isn't any issue with your eyes. Yes,that teacup is holding ice-cream instead of tea. Come on,what can you expect from someone who is getting roasted at 44 degrees everyday. And no sign of rain.

Yes,you guessed it right. We are completely dependent on ice-cream. But what good is that ice-cream which is not served pretty.

Aww...drool drool. Love the ceramic cup and that sweet touch of a strawberry & a cookie to go with.

What wouldn't I do to lay my hands on this potent chocolate & strawberry ice-cream dessert. The rafia makes its so special. And don't miss that divine peachy pistachio scoops & ahh..cubes. The lovely blue cups, the wooden spoons all tied up look so cute with the white & pale green of the icecream. Art!

Show me a child who doesn't love ice cream. My one year old can finish off this pink-licious ice-cream sandwich in minutes.  "Poon-poon" she tells me when we take out a tub of ice-cream (yes we don't talk below tubs in our home). Not to be left out she gets her own "poon" to dig in. I love topping it up with chocolate chips & silver balls and she licks it all clean!

Do I need to add that all this ice-cream makes us a very very happy family!

Images : teacup,chocolate & strawberries, peach & pistachioicecream sandwich,spoons & happy family


Pooja said...

This looks so pretty. I want to have loads and loads of ice cream.

TheKeyBunch said...

deliciously cool post!;)

- Sharon

GB said...

LOVE that chocolate dessert.....a feast for the eyes and tastebuds I'm sure! :)

Patricia Torres said...

yuumm yuumm post!! simply to drool over..

purplehomes said...

Pooja : is there ever a time you don't want to? :)

Sharon, GB & Pats : Only if these icecreams don't have any calories!!