Friday, June 26, 2009

Pebble Art

Image : From his blog

I’d like to introduce you to Sushil Bhasin - the Doodlewala. He draws on anything and everything he can lay his hands on…paper, pebbles (He calls this “Sushil on the rocks”) , Sea shells, paper napkins et al. His work has even been featured in CNN IBN, Money Today,, Mail today etc. Cartoons created by him have been used in numerous e-zines, publications and animation films. I met him briefly at the Creativegarh meet organized at the Cha Bar at CP about 2 years back.

He transforms these listless and shapeless rocks into living beings. His cartoons capture a range of subjects- What’s there in the news, to what has been happening around him. Do check out his work on his blog, Doodlewala and enjoy his great sense of humor and of course his brilliant artwork.

Image : From his blog

You can buy his art at the Creative Garh Gallery at Shahpur Jat, New Delhi. Also check out his work for an indo-dutch publication , here. And for European Union development project , Pioneer, Nasscom BPO online here.


TheKeyBunch said...

Puts a smile on my face each time i see it, loveley post, thanks for sharing!- Rekha

purplehomes said...

Hey Rekha, Glad u liked it ;)