Friday, June 25, 2010

June Fetish!!!!

This picture is here simply because I want it to be here. It has two of my favorite things. Typewriters & Lanterns. There is something about typewriters and me...I think we have a connection. I always end up posting snaps of them here. Do you like them too? I think I have a vague idea of what my next month's fetish is going to be all about...wink wink!

That pop of pink amidst all that black & grey & silver does the trick. 

I have a feeling this a cozy tent in midst of deep deep forest. May be if I walk out of this tent I will find the typewriter & the lantern you just saw. Yes, I am sure I will.

Such striking interiors. Prints & stripes, Black & white, that potted plant, the sleek table, so many books..ah and such an inviting bed! I am all ready to leave the city and shift here!

Image: here & here

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June Fetish!!!

June Fetish continues...

Another table vignette with a lantern. This one looks so fresh and clean. I quite like the use of white and blue here. Clutterfree. The pastel white lantern. The pretty blue print, ceramic bowl and that so cute owl. Do you like that doll just like me? I remember having eight of them in different sizes when I was a child. Should dig up the cupboard's at my mom's to get them out for Sara's room. Won't they look pretty?

A complete contrast to what you just saw. This one is a such a gorgeous pile of things just thrown in. Those leafy cushions,  a hold-all, the dry flower frame, a vintage-y flower pot and books! The silver lantern blends in so effortlessly...doesn't it?

Image: here & here

Monday, June 21, 2010

June Fetish!!

Back with some more warm light!

This table vignette is so perfect! Those bead necklaces hanging up there, the lovely ceramic bowls, lots of pretty bottles on the tray, a lovely frame and that big dispenser bottle. All echoing blue. What more can one need you say! Two pretty lanterns on either side I say! 

This is such a lovely outdoor spot. I'd love to be able to create one like this. The wooden bench,the hay, those lovely cushions & the many many gorgeous lanterns are making my heart go flutter flutter. I can see myself here many times in winters.Warm & Rustic.

Images : Table & Outdoor

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Fetish!

The lantern tutorial on the first day of the Go Green Series (see here) made me fall in love with lanterns this month. Infact I have this pretty lantern I was gifted by a friend when I moved from Bangalore  5 years back. It was a farewell gift. Time does fly..huh! I have been thinking of repainting it in a really bright color. Hmm...I have a feeling the June Fetish posts will help me get there...soon.

I love how the jar has been used here as well. The bright orange of the candle, the warm yellow glow & the engraved text of the jar.

I am liking all the purple pops here, the rug, the stole, those gorgeous shoes & ofcourse the pretty lantern. These look so awesome against all the white & the wood. Don't they?

Images : herehere

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh so cute!

This picture made me smile this morning. I hope it does the same to you!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Go Green : Day seven

Day seven. Final day of the Go Green Series. I had so much fun doing this. So many ideas for recycling & restoring. Today on the last day I'd like to share some pretty images that I came across while putting this series together for you! 

The cutest carry bag ever!

Oh how I heart those butterflies made out of the numerous mailers we get each day. And that lovely trash can! What have I just used the words lovely & trash can in one sentence..well! Plants do that to me!

Let's all pledge to Go Green with clever ideas like this bulb terrarium. Isn't that earthy flower vase a dream?

And finally this picture. That really really moved me. Isn't necessity the mother of all inventions? This man here was forced to recycle bottles into slippers because of his circumstances but all of us may have a thing or two to learn from him.

Images : Go Green, Slippers, Recycle, Bulb, Butterfly, Bin, Vase & Bag  

Friday, June 11, 2010

Go Green : Day six been a really crazy morning. Tons of work & lots of confusion & an otherwise very happy child who wants ONLY her mom's lap today. Trust all of this to happen on the same day.

The only thing that can bring a smile to my face right now is some dark chocolate dessert ( which I have ordered) & some retail therapy. Since I can't go out right now I will settle for some virtual " Green" Retail therapy. On Day Six of the Green post-ival let me take you to some green stores. Wear your seatbelts now and lets SHOP GREEN.

Lets start with Peopletree. An absolute favorite. I love the way the whole store is like one little maze. And you never know what you may find inside once you enter it. Lovely Clothes, pretty stationery, to die for jewellery, books, art et al. All under one roof. The lady behind it, Gurpreet is so warm & wonderful. I had the pleasure of meeting her some years back and visiting her really cute secret office! A lovely staircase from within the store takes you to her workplace. When in Delhi, do stop by here for some gorgeous green shopping.

This is what they have to say, " Here, rich and meditative arts traditions collide with shiny plastic instant cheapness. Ochre and madder jostle with fluorescent pink. Some things die, and sometimes we weep. Sometimes we pick up the pieces and join them in new ways.Browse through these inventive and irreverent examples of urban-folk, industrial-pop design. We create alternatives to globalised monopolies and branded "hipness", working with the exciting cross-currents of the contemporary South Asian milieu."

Now that I have had my fill, something for the baby. Earthen tree. A US based chain of stores but with their heart in India. They retail these really sweet GREEN wooden toys. Manufactured by craftspersons in India. They have a lovely range of pull toys, baby toys & rattles stackers, games, musical & educational toys. A MUST for every baby right. I love the idea of exposing my child to the kind of toys I once played. And we picked up so many from the Dastkar fair this year. Also the fact that is toy is handmade, colorful & safe.

They say, " Our aim is simple. Our natural wooden toys are not just that. They are works of art, made from eco friendly materials to create safe toys that have a great story to tell. We believe in keeping our costumers informed and knowledgeable, while making these toys fun and educational for children.We tell you all about our safe, lead free toy story because we take pride in it."

psst : I also came across this amazing store called doyouspeakgreen. They are into eco-friendly apparel. And whats wonderful is that not only you can buy stuff online but also 10% of their sale proceeds go towards Bombay Environnmental Conservation.

Also don't forget to read an old post on another Green Store : Motherearth, right here. Rem, how I went crazy shopping there!

Happy Shopping!
Images : Earthentree, peopletree, motherearth & doyouspeakgreen

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Go Green : Day five

So did you enjoy going through the DIY ideas in yesterday's post? The paintbrush idea was loved by so many of you. Thanks for all the lovely comments and the emails you sent me about the series. I promise to put together many more series like this in the future as well.

Alright! Lets get back to DIY for the time being. Six more ideas for you. Please click on the links right at the below for sources.

License plates bookends. A perfect way to use those old plates and make them into something so useful...right?

Ok..lets be honest how many of you are sitting with many many empty jars and don't know what to do with them..other than using it for storing some more stuff :)  I thought this idea was really neat. Perfect for a kitchen actually! I would have used modge podge to stick some colorful fabric on the holder though. 

What a clever way to use old cassettes & not in use CDs. Completely in love with the concept. Use them to store many more..ahh! 

Old cans = New wine holder. Like it? I think this will also make for a pretty centerpiece if one stuffs it with flowers & trinklets. Imagine!

The coolest collage ever. It sure will be a lot of fun putting this "Exhaust fan collage" together.

So what is your style: Eco chic (day four) or Eco Cool (day five)? If you have missed my earlier posts of the Go Green series, click here.To read more about the Go Green workshop click here and here.

Images & Sources : Bookends , CD Holder, CD Holder 2Jar Lamp, Wine bottle holder & Exhaust Collage

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Go Green : Day four

Today's post is full of DIY Ideas! Read on and promise yourself not to throw away stuff without thinking. everything. Instead convert it into art for your rooms, planters for your herbs and so much more. And all this without compromising on the look. Lets all go Eco Chic!

Isn't this wall art so pretty? You know what is it made with? Toilet paper rolls!! What a brilliant idea and a lovely execution. Find the instructions to make it here. The only extra detail I would have some paint on them!

I came across this at Realsimple. How cool is this? I see readers with kids nodding...oh yes how fast they grow? What a fun way to use kiddie crocs!!

This one is truly Eco chic. A driftwood rack! Won't it make any entryway divine! Click here for instructions.

Alright! My absolute fav. LURVE LURVE LURVE this one. Truly breathtaking! What does one do with those tons of used paint brushes. Make it a part of your home decor...what else? Infact its a good way to find a home for your new brushes as well. I found it here.

The last DIY idea for today. Felted rocks. Lovely aren't they. Collect some rocks while on a walk and convert them into a centerpiece. Instructions here.

See you tomorrow with some more DIY tips!

Images : Wall art, Crocs plants, Driftwood rack, Paintbrush vase & Felted rocks

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Go Green : Day three

Hello lovelies. The weather today is just awesome! I am sitting outside enjoying the breeze and trying to finish my work so that I can go down for a stroll. Let me share some brilliant GREEN ideas with you. I can't stop smiling when I look at them.

What? You are saying whats the point of having this regular bookshelf featured here today. Scroll down for an answer.

This shelf is made out of old issues of National Geographic Mag! Yes you heard me right! Unbelievable..huh? Can you see the mags in the picture above? Its conceptualized and created by the Sean Miller. Now you know what one can do with all those hundreds of issues of old mags.

I am SO smitten by this cool bag. Its made out of licence plates. You sure are going to be the talk of the town whenever you step out with this one. These bags are by a South African design company called Platies. Do check out more of their cool products. 

The color fan that I am! Ok you can call me color crazy...I am drooling non-stop ever since I came across this. This jewellery designed by Maria Cristina Belluci is so GORGEOUS. She uses pencil colors...I love the color combinations, the light brown of the pencil against the colored leads. See more of her work here. Ofcourse this is something that we may not be able to pull off but it sure is very inspiring. Watch out this space for tons & tons of DIY Green ideas in tomorrow's post.

If you have missed my earlier posts of the Go Green series, click here.

To read more about the Go Green workshop click here and here.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Go Green : Day two

Day two of the Go Green week. So did you try recycling this weekend? Did you find any new uses for your old things? Lets move from the very complicated designer stuff that we saw on Day one to simple yet very creative ideas which all of us can try out at home. Though I must warn you right at the beginning they are very whimsical!

The first two awesome ideas are from the very talented Jo-Annie.

Mmm...a suitcase or a lamp? I am so LOVING this. What fun...I can see myself trying this for sure. All those old suitcases are ready to get a new life!

A lovely plant in a gas burner.Why throw when you can recreate magic? 

This one takes the cake! A letter a Microwave.  The postman will thank you for making his day...always!

Also, I couldn't resist sharing some old posts on some awesome recycled designs. Click here, herehere.

See you tom!

Images : Jo Annie & Micro

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Go Green : Day One

Go Green! thats my mantra today and always! So today on the World Environment Day purplehomes is kicking off a week long "Go Green" post-ival...mmm..sorry festival.  From the 5th to the 12th of June'10 we will talk about design & decor & lots of DIYs & stores you can visit all centered around the concept of Reusing, Recycling & Restoring. I hope you have a lot of fun going through the tons of inspirational pics & ideas that I have in my treasure chest!

Today, I'd like to share some gorgeous works of art created by using stuff that we see all around us. Great way to get inspired just before the weekend starts...

Designed by  Sarah Turner, this light globe has been made by using thirty 500 ml Cola bottles!! 
You still can't believe it right?

This gorgeous chandelier has been designed by Stuart Haygrath. 
Made with over 1000 powered spectacles it uses the principle of refraction.

Ah! Wine bottle lamps designed by Jerry Kott. 
We have seen very lots of versions of this in the past. But I am really loving this one.  

And finally the much seen and appreciated Pop Pendant designed by Mauricio Affonso.  Created by using hundreds of pull-tabs of discarded drinks. This sure teaches us that the mundane and trash can be recycled into pretty somethings if we really want it!

I hope you liked these chandeliers/ lamps. Which one is your favorite? I'd love to know it. Also if during the week you'd like me to give you ideas on reusing, recycling or restoring something specific that you have in mind, please leave a comment or drop me a mail! I will try my best to cover it as well.

Before I end, here is a very do-able DIY Glass Chandelier for all you DIY lovers! After all we should have our personal chandelier too!Right? The project is via ecologue. Get the instruction pdf here

Isn't this a good way to use all those empty jars and of course light up your evenings?

Come back on Monday for more! Till then do your bit for the environment!

psst : I am holding a Go Green workshop this month end. Read all about it herehere

Images : 1,2,3,4 & 5

Thursday, June 3, 2010

And in some other news!

purplehomes found a mention in the April'10 issue of Transcribe. Thank you Tina & Transcribe for the lovely mention. 

She says, " Lifestyle magazines and home décor books are passé. If you are looking to refurbish your home, get onto décor blogs for tips to combine and rearrange yourfurniture and accessories to get the perfect contemporary décor picture.

Decorating your home and office has just gotten easier. Keep aside the fancy catalogues, do away with interior designers, and log in to the blogosphere.Design blogs have emerged as trusted and popular sources of information.From sharing opinions, fresh decoratingideas, beautiful interior spaces, art anddesign, products and services, to inspiring readers to live more creative lives, designblogs have it all. We present some blogs that not only offer handy tips, but also make an interesting read.

While bouncing on the design blogosphere, make sure you stop at http:// is an interesting pot pourri featuring a curated selection of design finds from sofas to stationery, candles to coasters, and metal to movies. The purple blogger, Prachi Grover, also offers product reviews, store and home tours,and do-it-yourself projects."

Congratulations to the other decor blogs that were mentioned as well. Way to go lovely ladies!

To see other issues of Transcribe (published by Transteel), click here. They bring out transcribe every month where they talk about design, decor, architecture, art and much much more!

Image : From the Mag